Licking Summer Camps

The Brochures contain more detailed information that you will need for the camps you plan to attend. Information like housing and meal plan options for the Rolla and Branson Camps that allow you to save big bucks. Information about team bonding opportunities and the registration process. Brochures are in PDF form and printable.  Brochures are large format so allow time for them to load. 

Read the brochure for the camp you are interested in attending PRIOR TO FILLING OUT THE REGISTRATION.

On the original camp brochure for 2017, a statement of “free coaches” was included in the materials describing the Branson Inclusive Program. This was an error and should not have been listed as a benefit. We have always run the Branson Inclusive Program as a break-even endeavor. We feel you will find that the motels and restaurants we use in Branson are of the highest quality for both satisfaction and cost.