June 2-3              F-S         Rolla

June 7-8              W-Th      Arnold

June 15-16          Th-F       Quincy, IL

June 22-24          Th-S       Rolla

June 26-27          M-Tu       Farmington

July 6-8               Th-S        Rolla

July 13-15           Th-S        Branson

July 18-19           Tu-W       Joplin

July 20-21           Th-F        Lake of the Ozarks

Volleyball Results 2017

Previous Camp Results

June 2-3             F-S          Rolla

June 8-10           Th-S        Branson

June 9-10            F-S         Rolla

June 12-13          M-Tu       Lake of the Ozarks

June 15-17          TH-S       Rolla

June 21-23          W-F         Branson

June 26-27          M-Tu        Lake of the Ozarks

July 7-8                F-S          Arnold

July 13-15            Th-S        Rolla Expanded

June 9-10           F-S         Rolla

June 12-13         M-Tu       Lake of the Ozarks

June 15-17         Th-F        Rolla

June 19-20          M-Tu       Branson

July 7-8               F-Sat       Arnold

July 13-15           Th-S        Branson

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Camp Results

Boy's Basketball Results 2017

Licking Summer Camps

Girl's Basketball Results 2017